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Spun Pre-stressed Concrete (SPC) Pile Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory Ltd.


Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory Ltd (BMTF) is manufacturing international standard Spun Prestressed Concrete (SPC) Pile for the commercial application in Bangladesh. These are of different sizes like 6m, 9m and 12m with varied thickness. SPC Piles are popularly used to support the high-rise building construction specially at coastal areas and reclaimed land.

SPC Piles are widely used in foundation engineering due to its high load bearing capacity, reliable quality assurance, simple manufacture process, and cost effectiveness. Very recently material composition, strength, properties, axial, shear and bending capacity of the SPC Piles are tested by MIST where BMTF manufactured SPC Pile exhibited very improved result.

Specification & Comparision

The Configuration of BMTF Made SPC Pile:

         a.    Length:6m/9m/12m

         b.    Thickness:75mm/90mm/100mm

         c.    Diameter:300mm/400mm/450mm

         d.    Load Bearing:75/120/150 Ton

SPC Piles are better than Cast in Situ Piles in following factors

         a.    Quality can be determined before drive

         b.    Cost effectiveness

         c.    Higher load bearing capacity

         d.    Actual load bearing capacity can be ascertained during driving

         e.    Quickest driving method

         f.    Environment friendly

         g.    Minimum workforce

         h.    Free from spil waste

         j.    Use of high density concrete and low water absorbance

         k.    Same concrete quality is maintain throughout the length of the Pile

Comparison between Cast in Situ and SPC Pile

Items Cast in Situ Pile SPC Pile
Measurement 20"/24" Diameter-300mm/400mm/450mm/500mm, Thickness-75mm/90mm/100mm, Length-6m/9m/12m
No of Pile required 52-72 nos 36-40 nos
Load Capacity 70 tons 75/120/150 tons
Time 2 months (approx) 1 week max
Quality Difficult to determine Can be determined before driving

Projected cost- per 5 khata plot

Projected cost of SPC Piles for a 5 katha plot with 40 nos of piles at a depth of 100 ft is 58,25,000 Tk., 66,75,000 Tk. and 72,25,000 Tk. for 400 mm dia, 450 mm dia and 500 mm dia respectively (applicable for the officers' plot at Jolshiri only). This price includes the cost of SPC Piles, driving cost and the transportation cost. This cost will remain effective for 2 months from now and vary with the change of materials cost in both local and international market.


Steps for Pile Driving Works

a.    Registration with BMTF SPC Pile Website in following link: http:spc-pile.bmtf.com.bd

b.    Soil test, architectural and structural design to be done by appropriate Engr/Firm

c.    Submission of design to Jalshiri Authority for necessary approval

d.    Submission of Soil test report, Pile layout design and Jalshiri approval letter to BMTF Authority.

e.    Deposition of advance payment (30 lac taka) after receiving the Preparatory Latter from BMTF with tentative schedule

f.    Pile layout marking on the plot by the plot owner

g.    After Completion of pile layout marking pile drive will start.

BMTF Ltd is very pleased to inform you that this project will be executed under the supervision of expert team with utmost sincerity considering the welfare of the officers. For further query your communication with us will be highly appreciated.


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